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Locally Produced.

Ethically Sourced.

Sustainably Served.

"the food was beautiful and colorful... i felt healthy eating it. It was perfect."
"Amazing! Fresh, delicious, healthy.
I ate a lot with no guilt."
"I am still dreaming about it! Soooooooo good!"


Our love letter to foodies everywhere.

We love party food. Heck, we love all food... and we got tired of showing up to parties or meetings where the only food available came with a compromise to feeling good. 

We strive to source minimally processed, organic, hormone-free, and humanely raised whenever possible; As well as partnering with amazing local brands who also believe in healthy, sustainable foods packed full of flavor. We use simple ingredients and don't compromise on flavor. You will never find MSG, corn syrup, cane sugar, palm oil, or the like in our foods.

Meals can be beautiful, satisfying, socially engaging, AND good for your body. We're out to prove it!


Fall 2023 Breakfast/lunch Menu

Reception Menus - by request

four seasons menu - by request

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3400 Comsouth Drive

Austin, TX 78744

(512) 222-7003

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