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Party Well.

Yes & Well Co Workplace Wellness

Welcome to
Yes & Well co

Enriching life and work

Diets Are so 1900's

Welcome to Yes & Well Co, where wellness is redefined and enriched through environmental transformation.


Worldwide, the leading barrier to wellbeing is lack of a support network. 

Lululemon, 2022 Global Wellbeing Report

More than vacation mode

Ever returned from a magical retreat, trip, or experience that left you glowing, committed to your wellness, and connected to your vibrancy -  to be met with the same bready sandwich boxed-lunch meeting, boozy happy hour, heavy dinner outings, and "convenience" items when the realities of your existing environments set in? We have.

Our programs aim to engage you in your existing communities - at work and in your real life - to support the stickiness of new practices, and to seriously uplevel your socializing game.

Party Well.

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We believe in saying YES
YES to great parties
YES to food that nourishes and satisfies
YES to requests for seconds
YES to new discoveries, exploration, and adventure

YES to connection
YES to joy
YES to well
YES to now

Because oppression has never been a viable pathway,

denial and deprivation almost never bring about joy,

and willpower is weak when it's always required.

And it’s all too easy to forget that wellness is not an end state.

Like pleasure, it’s only ever experienced in the moment.

So we say YES to wellness, YES to pleasure, YES to now.

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