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The Art of Play

Discover dancing in the flow of life with ease, grace, and a deeper sense of connection with the world around you.


Led in partnership with Naughty Monkey, Workshop Leader & Group Facilitator of Burning Man, Austin Tantra Festival, Ecstatic Forest Festival, and Ecstatic Hearts.

The Day

Come for some, or stay for all - three sessions, a choose-your-own-adventure (non-alcoholic) bar, and light bites to stimulate the senses:

2:00 | Session I | The Art of Play

Through the mediums of sound, movement, and music, embark on a journey of playing with your inner knowing, developing your capacity to navigate life's challenges with more ease and grace, and fostering a deeper sense of connection with the world around you.

3:15 | Break | Choose Your Own Adventure Bar

Apothekary Farmacy, fresh herbs, fruits & accompaniments

3:30 | Session II | Latihan

Moving meditation dancing in the unknown 

4:30 | Break | Playing with Taste

Taste boxes to stimulate and distinguish a spectrum of flavors and sensations 

5:00 | Session III | Flirting, A Playful Art

Relationship status aside, practice bringing play, lightness, and fun to your interactions


Yes & Well May Taste_edited.jpg


May's choose your own adventure beverage bar featured fresh herbs, fruits and flavors to awaken the senses and expand the day's playground.


Infinitely wise, the body knows what it needs.

Participants were invited to choose which flavors, scents, colors, and textures called to them, to play, and to concoct a potion of their own creation.


Read the benefits of each ingredient:

May's Partners:



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