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We love a good time so much that we're giving one away. 

During SXSW 2023, enter for your chance to win a private event for you and your friends. 

The fine print


  • Event Manager

  • Decor rental/staging

  • Uplighting

  • Meal / Grazing Service - $25 per person base

    • Includes display rental, service, and cleanup​

  • 1 Expert delivered topic talk/workshop - 45 minutes

  • Soundtrack

Recipient agrees:
  • This offer is valid for up to 12 months from the date of receipt

  • Serviceable in Austin, TX, or within a 30-mile radius only

  • Group maximum of 12 people

  • Location to be provided by the recipient 

  • One entry per person

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Austin's most vibrant private pop-ups.

what we do:

Wellness - really well.


We pop up in your space, or one of ours, with a private, unique experience designed for your group.

The wellness part - whimsical in nature, our events are intended to celebrate life’s moments, engage your curiosity, and expand possibilities in your life for partying well.

Our "whole-istic" view of well-being encompasses fun, play, creativity, and vibrancy. You'll have fun, you'll learn, and you'll connect deeply with your community in ways designed to expand your options for being well socially, and in your day-to-day.

WHY Private?

1. To offer elevated, unique experiences outside the ordinary.

2. To expand horizons. Our invitation is to consider wellness, and partying well, in ways that are outside the box, new, or unfamiliar. We've found explorations with friends to offer a foundation of comfort and authenticity that allows for especially juicy experiences.

3. To make a difference. Upleveling as a tribe has serious perks - a supportive community is proven to increase the likelihood of new skills sticking.

swoon and flush
and fancy stuff:

How it works: We'll offer program recommendations based on your group size and preferences, then pop up, and back out.  

We're your personal events team, bringing everything from subject experts, to delicious meals, to zen gardens.


Keep it simple with a beautiful, healthy, in-home dinner service for friends. Or go all out with a full weekend of sound healing, ecstatic dance, and tantric practices.

all kinds of event vibes:

When you should call us: We encourage seizing life’s moments and inventing occasions to celebrate. A (very) short-list, whole-heartedly embracing tradition, as well as the unconventional:







Goddess Girlfriend Gatherings

Men's Meetups

"Insert made up reason here"

party well.

Holistic Well Being

Are we really using wellness and fun in the same sentence?

Oh, YES!

We’re inspired by a new possibility for well-being; one that celebrates and honors all of you. When we talk about wellness, we’re talking about vitality, aliveness, and the core components supporting health for whole human beings. Our programs are creative compilations of:


Human beings are social animals, and we get sometimes there are barriers. We’re experts in bringing people together, facilitating connected conversations, and safer spaces.

Slow flows, ecstatic dances, embodied movement… what?? We’ll teach you. Our Pros cover a wide range of modalities and fitness levels with room for all to join.

Food and beverage can be beautiful, satisfying, socially engaging, AND good for your body.

*See catering services

Tapping into the incredibly powerful creative energy of Eros, explore ancient Tantric techniques, modernized twerk-shops, divine feminine / masculine domains, and grant space to your curiosities.

Connect with the Universe, your faith, purpose, energetics - we’re agnostic, and most interested in exploring the science and possibility of something bigger than oneself.

whole-istic well being

Opportunities to flex your creative muscles in environments designed for play, exploration, discovery, and creation.

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