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cara orange

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Hydration Revelry

Hydration, the elixir of life, flows abundantly from these captivating oranges, keeping us quenched, balanced, and glowing with the radiance of a sparkling summer sunrise. Squeeze cara oranges into a tantalizing citrus cocktail for a burst of tropical delight, or create a zesty marinade for a magical transformation of meats and seafood.

Fiber Fiesta

Cara oranges are the life of the fiber party. With a wave of their citrus wand, they promote digestion, banish constipation, and keep our guts jolly and joyful. 

Eye-Catching Magic:

Laden with vitamin C, Vitamin A, and mystical antioxidants, cara oranges shield our eyes from wicked free radicals and bestow upon us the gift of good vision. 


Find This

cara cara orange has been known to make an appearance on our menus. 

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