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VAEU Foods

Locally Produced.

Ethically Sourced.

Sustainably Served.

2022, Austin, TX

"the food was beautiful and colorful... i felt healthy eating it. It was perfect."

2022, Austin, TX

"Amazing! Fresh, delicious, healthy.
I ate a lot with no guilt."

2022, Austin, TX

"I am still dreaming about it! Soooooooo good!"


VAEU ("view") Foods is our love letter to foodies everywhere.

We love party food. Heck, we love all food... and we got tired of showing up to parties or meetings where the only food available came with a compromise to feeling good. 

Our food is about demonstrating what being social and being well at the same time looks like. 

Meals can be beautiful, satisfying, socially engaging, AND good for your body.  

We're out to prove it. 


3400 Comsouth Drive

Austin, TX 78744

(512) 778-2089

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Why is this called VAEU Foods and not Yes & Well?

We want healthy, beautiful meals to be available to as many people as we can possibly serve. Having a soul-sister brand allows us to partner with other companies and teams beyond the scope of our own event production.

WHY IS your menu split up like that?

We'd love to share what we've learned about eating well. Our menus provide the opportunity to eat portions and mixes of food that are balanced, not full of starchy fillers.

Where can I get this stuff???

Austin, TX with plans to expand. If you have an interest and are not in our locale, please submit a request form and let us know where we should look to spread the love.

Do you deliver?

Yes. We offer both pick-up and delivery options.

Is everything organic?

We make our best effort to source organic, hormone-free, and humanely raised whenever possible. On occasion, due to circumstances outside of our control (ahem, lookin' at you Texas winter advisories), we need to substitute.

Is everything house-made?

Not everything. We're collaborative geniuses and don't think we need to reinvent the wheel when we've found something we love. You'll see partner brands featured on our menus who've been evaluated for quality, taste, ingredients, and our heavy preference for supporting local.

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