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navel orange

The dazzling star of the vitamin show. 

Naval Orange.jpeg


Vitamin Spectacle

Their abundance of vitamin C showers our immune systems with stardust, aiding iron absorption and summoning the magic of collagen production. Just one encounter with a navel orange can send our vitamin C levels soaring to celestial heights!

Buff Bones

Navel oranges are the maestros of bone health. Laden with calcium, they fortify our skeletal symphony, ensuring strength and vitality. With the help of vitamin D and other nutrients, they shield us from the perils of osteoporosis and keep our bones ready to boogie. 

Mood Magic

Brace yourself for an uplifting spell, navel oranges are mood-boosting magicians. With their folate content, a B vitamin that supports the production of serotonin, they can provide a natural mood-enhancing effect. Add navel orange slices to your water for a refreshing, eye-pleasing, citrus-infused delight. 

Find This

Navel orange has been known to make an appearance on our menus. 

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