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Naughty Monkey

Tantric Permissionist


I am Naughty Monkey.

I am Naughty Monkey.


Born and raised in India, I was an A-student focused on academic excellence, eventually working as a software engineer for 13 years in the United States. But after going through a divorce, and recognizing I'd never learned intimacy skills, I endeavored on a new path of study.

This journey into embodied practices like Contact Improv, Ecstatic Dance, Authentic Relating, Plant Medicines, and Tantra, has given me much more than I'd hoped for. It's a daily practice of learning to be intimate with myself, others, and the universe.

"The best way to be a teacher is tO be a student.

and the best way to be a student is to be a teacher.

At Burning Man 2019, I spontaneously taught a Tantra workshop to 50 people and it was very natural and powerful. Since then, I've been teaching at various retreats and festivals around Austin, TX including Ecstatic Hearts and Ecstatic Forest Festival.


In 2023, I created Art of Intimacy to make the knowledge of intimacy with one's self, with others, and with the universe accessible to all. Art of Intimacy programs are shorter in duration, centrally located, and available on a donation basis.

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