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Build connections.
break barriers.
Spark innovation.

"Thriving employees are 7x more likely to work for a company that prioritizes employee well-being."
Mercer, Global Trends 2022

Team Party

what we do

We bring custom experiences to your workplace through fun and effective methods, so that your teams can integrate healthier ways of being in their lives AND in their work.

Build a positive office culture & morale

Healthier employees 

Higher productivity levels

High job satisfaction



a departure from the ordinary

Our immersive environments provide exciting, valuable, and productive breaks from the typical workday. We’ll take you on a magic carpet ride with a pop-up in your space, one of ours, or virtually.


well being

Unique opportunities to explore healthy practices in exploratory contexts. Employees will learn, and actively participate in, creating well being practices that serve them long-term.



We bring subject matter experts to lead conversations, workshops, and classes on relevant topics that make an immediate difference in the quality of living and working.

scenic spaces &
vibrant ambiance

Lighting, Decor, Scents, Sounds, Sensations,

*Tastes (see catering services)

all things from the world of well

Movement, Mindfulness, Creativity, Nutrition, Somatics, Flow States


Recommendations and event management aligned with your company’s culture and values



Always included




Dedicated Program




Creative Strategy

Pre-Set Program Options





Supplemental Resources

Want More?

Everything is customizable, and the party doesn’t have to end!

Set up continual experiences for you and your teams annually, quarterly, monthly, or more. 

Are we going to boost your business and transform your workforce?

YES! And we will do it WELL.


food service

beverage service

Exclusively alcohol-free

Locally Produced.

Ethically Sourced.

Sustainably Served.

Our fresh seasonal menus feature vibrant colors and delicious flavors that are highly nutritious and naturally energizing.


Connecting around a shared table spans cultures worldwide, and meals can be experiential themselves.


Served locally in Austin, Texas

Feel Good Tonight...

And Tomorrow.


We appreciate the ritual and diversity of liquid libations. More, we love sensory experiences that leave your body better than it started.

From tea service to cacao ceremonies, juice bars to coffee flights, DIY lessons for continued healthy living at home and at work, or pro-tips on food pairings; Your next happy hour just got a lot happier.


Available online, in person (Austin, TX), or blended 

Globally, in 2021, 0% alcohol by volume (ABV) spirits received more interest than any other spirits category for the second year running. 


A 2019 study found that when employers or supervisors initiate drinking events, employees feel obligated to participate.


40% of Americans who consume alcohol drink too much of it.



a new experience of 

We believe in saying YES
YES to innovation

YES to authentic connection and collaboration

YES to new discoveries, exploration, and adventure

YES to new possibilities for the workplace

Because we know where we’ve been

We’re curious about where we could be

and new actions and ideas are catalysts for new results


It’s all too easy to forget that wellness and creation are not end states.

Wellness and creativity are only ever experienced in the moment.

So we say YES to wellness, YES to imagination. YES to now.


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