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To the future of work.




or 9% of global GDP - the annualized cost of low employee engagement


Gallup, 2023


of employees agree their employers have a responsibility to ensure employees are mentally healthy and emotionally well


EBRI, 2022


of employees would seriously consider changing jobs for better well-being benefits


Deloitte, 2022

Beyond traditional weight loss or walking challenges, we redefine well-being by transforming communication and collaboration across the entire spectrum of workplace dynamics.

Tailored to your organization's unique needs, our turnkey solutions ensure a comprehensive approach to employee well-being.


From engaging employee programs to strategic benefits consulting, impactful employer branding, seamless employee communications, and insightful culture consulting, Yes & Well Co is your champion in marrying passion with productivity.

Guiding employers to build workplaces that employees genuinely love is our team's forte. Discover a fresh perspective on workplace wellness with Yes & Well Co, your dedicated source for holistic solutions

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