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The Art of Play

Discover dancing in the flow of life with ease, grace, and a deeper sense of connection with the world around you.


Led in partnership with Naughty Monkey, Workshop Leader & Group Facilitator of Burning Man, Austin Tantra Festival, Ecstatic Forest Festival, and Ecstatic Hearts.

The Day

Come for some, or stay for all - three sessions, a choose-your-own-adventure (non-alcoholic) bar, and light bites to stimulate the senses:

2:00 | Session I | The Art of Play

Through the mediums of sound, movement, and music, embark on a journey of playing with your inner knowing, developing your capacity to navigate life's challenges with more ease and grace, and fostering a deeper sense of connection with the world around you.

3:15 | Break | Choose Your Own Adventure Bar

Apothekary Farmacy, fresh herbs, fruits & accompaniments

3:30 | Session II | Latihan

Moving meditation dancing in the unknown 

4:30 | Break | Playing with Taste

Taste boxes to stimulate and distinguish a spectrum of flavors and sensations 

5:00 | Session III | Flirting, A Playful Art

Relationship status aside, practice bringing play, lightness, and fun to your interactions


beverage bar


Oh, sweet basil. So much more than a mere herb.


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